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Portrait Drawings

   Custom portraits are done from photograph in pencil, charcoal, and pen mediums.  portraits drawn from life coming soon! 


   Please send us an email from the location & contact page to discuss pricing and turnaround times for your project.

While working on my BA in Fine Art attending Flagler College in beautiful St. Augustine, FL, I discovered to have a great love for Portraiture and Gesture Drawing.  The way a 2-dimensional surface can come alive with form and shadow when a pencil moves across a piece of paper in such a way thrills me.  Utilizing the different mediums to capture their unique qualities provides for diversity in the outcome, whether you're going for an exact replica or want to portray a moment in time.  Thank you for the opportunity to share my love of this classic art form with you, and I look forward to working with you on your special project!

                                                   - Erin Clinchard - the Wearer of All the Hats


Pen  and  Ink

A more high-contrast, less "fussy", and whimsical way to portray the subject.  This medium allows the form to simply be, and the pen line to create the texture and shadow.


pencil  drawing

The softness of this approach is best for gradual blending and can capture the mood, hazing out the details so that the focus becomes the feeling and not the mark.

Conte Horses.jpg

charcoal  and  conte

Charcoal allows for the softness of a pencil drawing to create form, while achieving deeper shadows to intensify the contrast.  The Conte crayon brings color in to the mix for a more sepia toned drawing.

Pencil and Charcoal kids.jpg

multiple  figures

Here is an example of taking 2 separate photographs of individuals and combining them in one composition.  Very handy when you don't have a photo you love of everyone at once!

before  and  after

A sweet pooch, but a bad photograph.  You can see where the photo cropped the tail and paws, so I drew an indication of them by gradually fazing them out towards the edges, rather than to create something that isn't there to draw.  Also, the rug is very busy so it had to go in order for our subject to really stand out!

Pencil and Charcoal Geronimo.jpg

a  combination  of  all

Here is a compilation of 2 Edward S. Curtis photographs, a portrait with a landscape, and using ALL of the mediums (pencil, charcoal, conte, and pen).

The use of pencil and charcoal allow for smooth shading to create the forms and surface terrain with high contrast, while the white conte adds highlights where needed and aides in blending grey tones.  The pen, using a scribble gesture method, provides the fur-like texture and feeling of the blanket, as well as the weather worn skin and rough cliff side.

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